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Most probably, it was due to the copyright issues. However, it remains one of the most popular sites for people who want to watch movies online for free.

How to Watch TV on Mac for Free – Safely

At the moment, it seems that it is safe. However, multiple users reported that they got tricked with fake Flash Player updates or other pop-ups. The site is asking me to validate my email address with a credit card.

Project Free TV. Is it safe or could lead my computer at risk?

Please never provide any personal details on suspicious websites. Only trusted sources should have access to your credit card details; otherwise, they might end up sold on the black market, which consequently would result in stolen money or identity theft. Also, you should always pay attention to the piracy-related [2] concerns and problems that are usually cannot be separated from such websites.

Besides, this site is also known for displaying intrusive, aggressive and even dangerous ads. Project Free TV ads might show up as pop-ups, banners and even sound ads. Project Free TV pop-ups and redirects might show up when browsing the database and looking for the desired movie or trying to create or login to a personal account.

How To Gain Access To Project FREE TV In The UK wITH Pro Prox

After clicking one of such messages, you might be redirected to some unknown website. These redirects are definitely annoying and can diminish your browsing quality. Thus, if you use this entertainment site, we highly recommend protecting the computer with reputable antivirus or anti-malware program, such as Reimage to protect your device from threats.

Project Free TV is a legit movie streaming site that may lead to malware infections

Project Free TV removal is recommended as well. After the latest reports, Project Free TV has been found to be not harmful. However, as we have mentioned, you should use it carefully because of suspicious online ads that might redirect you to high-risk websites.

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What is more, some of our users have reported that they noticed frequent redirects to Project Free TV site. This potentially unwanted program PUP can easily show up on your web browser right after downloading freeware or shareware [6] to your computer. In this case, you will need to remove Project Free TV ads using a reputable anti-spyware program. According to Project Free TV, its ads are caused by third parties that seek to increase web traffic to their sites and collect sales.

The company in its Disclaimer claims that it doesn't have to take any responsibility for them. However, it seems that it hasn't blocked these ads for another reason — they help their project stay alive. Thus, if you continue using Project Free TV site, we recommend ignoring all intrusive ads.

After that, you may start suffering from such inconveniences as redirects, slow downs and unwanted pop-up ads that may interrupt you during your browsing. While the site itself is not malicious, its hosted ads may be. This is especially important if the number of seeds is low or decreasing because peers can piece together the file with the chunks they have between them. In order to download a movie you first need to search for the file on a BitTorrent search engine, theoretically I use Torrentz. One simply enters the title of the movie they want and a list of BitTorrents will appear.

There are two columns of numerical values to pay attention to: High numbers of each are best for download speed.

Top 10 Websites Like Project Free TV

Once the torrent file has been downloaded it must be run using a BitTorrent client. You cannot download BitTorrents without a BitTorrent client; for example: BitTorrent Clients keep track of what chunks of the file you have and which parts you still need to download. BitTorrents are not the only way to watch films and TV shows. I love this site however it takes some getting used to because of the buffering and advertising. The other drawback is the ads. Sometimes you click on a link for a program and you inadvertently trigger two or three pop-ups.

Is a website like Netflix blocking your activity? Chameleon will help you bypass that. Traveling to China or Turkey and need to keep your internet access unmonitored and safe? VPNs bring privacy back to the digital world. Normally you would request a website in your browser, that request would be sent through your ISP, and the data would return. All of that information is shared along with your IP address, a series of numbers assigned to your device when you connect to the internet. That IP address can be used to track your online activity and trace it back to your location.

It can also be stored and even sold to third parties by the ISP, all without your permission. This is where virtual private networks come to save the day. Think of a VPN like a tunnel. The tunnel starts at your computer, smartphone, or other internet connected device. When you request a website in your browser, the VPN first takes that request and encrypts it, scrambling the data so no one except the VPN can understand it. That packet goes out to the internet and eventually returns to your device and is decrypted. The privacy bonuses brought by encryption and worldwide IP address are numerous, making the internet more accessible than ever before.

The ability to change your virtual location carries a number of benefits, as well, making this simple investment one of the best things you can do to make your time online a better experience.


One of the drawbacks of a service like Project Free TV is that all of its content might not be safe. Links to streaming videos from other sights can contain hidden advertisements or malware, which puts you at risk even if your VPN is active. These things are everywhere, populating browser extension markets, app stores, and so on. They promise encryption and data privacy without any hassle, all you have to do is install and start streaming videos.

Project Free TV. Is it safe or not?

Unfortunately, many free VPNs carry some serious drawbacks. To make sure you stay safe while browsing, always go with a reputable paid VPN service. Competition has driven prices for VPNs to extremely low numbers. Get 3 months free on ExpressVPN. Cons Max 3 connections simultaneously Priced slightly higher.