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It uses their own custom DE. Apart from that and more pre-installed programs, it's basically Ubuntu. Whether a custom DE that looks extremely similar to Unity, Windows or OS X is worth 10 euros per major release is entirely up to the individual.

Make Unity Look Like macOS

Not worth it for me, but then again I'm more than happy on pretty much stock Xfce. Yeah, virtual desktops have been pretty much standard in X window desktops since the days of vtwm. In fact, Mac OS X most likely copied that feature from X window managers, and it's hard to find a window manager that doesn't support virtual desktops.

I've been meaning to try out elementary os for a while. I will give this a shot with a live disk when I get home from work tonight. Just a heads up: The -lts kernels work fine though. Xorg-edgers can help also. Also other PPAs should be used for some applications. Just fyi-ing, since I also use eOS. The next release should fix all this: I would absolutely recommend trying out eOS for some overall quality of life features that feel very OS-Xish.

Strangely enough, things just made more logical sense on eOS keybind-wise out of the box as well but that's purely preference. Crunchbang Waldorf basically does exactly what you want out the box. I turn off the multiple desktops feature right off the bat--I remember that it sets up at least 2, and the openbox config gui makes it a piece of cake to just add as many as you want. Depending upon the devices that you put it on, you might have to edit the synclient settings and openbox keybind settings to make the three finger scroll switch desktops, but that's piece o' cake to do.

The configs are accessible within two clicks of the mouse from the desktop.

As has been mentioned here multiple times, pretty much all linux distros will do what you are talking about, but they might require some differences as to how go about making that happen. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

OS X like window manager : linux

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A Linux theme called macOS Sierra does exactly that. To download it, enter these lines into your terminal:. You may already have a. Make sure to place it in the. The Gnome Yosemite icon theme closely matches the macOS appearance. Like application themes, the way to adjust them varies between desktops. The terminal commands below just focus on installing it:. The second command downloads a script that automatically installs and sets Gnome Yosemite as your icon theme. These 10 tips and tricks show you just how powerful it Read More first:.

Apart from the Unity desktop, the other guides will assume you have Plank. To install it, type this command in to your terminal:. Regardless of your desktop, this should start up Plank, along with its configuration window. This will make the dock look like the one in macOS once you make some adjustments later on. To do this, enter this command into your terminal:.

But what do you do once you've installed Ubuntu Read More. As you can see, Unity already has a dock and a menu bar by default. All you need to do is make some visual adjustments. This is easily achieved using the Unity Tweak Tool, which allows you to change some hidden desktop options. Install it with this terminal command:.

Having installed it, open up the tool by searching for it in the Unity menu. In the Unity Tweak Tool, return to the Overview menu. From there, go into the Theme entry located under the Appearance category. From there, select the Macos-sierra-master theme. Your applications should now have a very Mac-like feel to them. The theme also comes with a nice wallpaper. This allows you to enter in a location:. Select the always displayed option underneath it. If you followed the instructions at the beginning of the article, you should now have a dock. Install it with this command:.

Open up the program by typing in gnome-tweak-tool to the terminal.

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Alternately, you can just search for the program in your activities menu. Navigate to the Startup Applications entry. From there, just add Plank. Both your application windows and the Plank dock should change in appearance. As a final touch, change your wallpaper by heading to the Desktop section in the Tweak Tool.

In there, click on the Background Location button.

A Mac-like one is located with your theme named Wallpaper. You might have to show hidden files to see this folder.

Basic Theming

With the release of Plasma 5. If so, then you really ought to consider KDE neon. Read More to make use of it — it should be relatively stable and reliable. As of Plasma 5. Click on the hazard sign inside it. This will open up a settings window that will let you change how application menu bars are displayed. Your mileage may vary! I suggest using similar widgets to the bottom panel. You should be able to find Plank located under Utilities. This stops you from manually starting the dock every time you log in to your desktop.

Interestingly, Plasma puts its icon themes in a different location. Use these terminal commands to do this:. Then, change your icon theme to Yosemite Icons. Search for a theme called Breezemite and install it.

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Set it as your decoration theme. Finally, to hide the toolbox in the corner of your desktop, click on it and select Configure Desktop.

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In the Tweaks menu that will pop up, disable the Show the desktop toolbox option. Ever wanted to customize your Linux desktop, but just couldn't find that one perfect theme? If Cinnamon is your current desktop environment, creating your own theme is easy to learn. Read More looks more like Windows than macOS.

Meet The Linux Desktop That's More Beautiful Than Windows 10 And MacOS

Fortunately, this is very easy to change. This should leave you with something a bit more Mac-like. Afterwards, remove the desktop icons in the panel by right-clicking on them, and selecting the Remove option.