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Adding a folder is straightforward. Simply drag it to the sidebar, placing it where desired. Placing a file in the sidebar is done a bit differently in Lion and Mountain Lion; you need to hold down the Command key while dragging and placing. The action of adding files and folders to the sidebar actually creates what amounts to an Alias of your item, but the real one remains in its original location.

How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra installer drive

When you drag an item to the sidebar be careful that you don't accidentally drop it into another folder already listed there. To remove the folder or file from the sidebar - remember, you are not removing the original - simply drag the item straight out of the sidebar as if moving it to the desktop. As before, if you are using Lion or Mountain Lion, you need to do this while holding down the Command key. When you let go, you should see a confirming "puff of smoke" and hear a satisfying "poof" sound as your folder disappears.

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Oh, I almost forgot. You can right-click or Control-click on any sidebar item to view other actions you can take on the item. For example, this is the only way you can rename your custom items you've placed in the "Favorites" section of the sidebar.

How to customize the drive icon on Mac OS X | AKiTiO

In the final illustration below you see what the "Favorites" section of Finder windows sidebar looks like on my machine; how it's configured, which items I enabled, and how I ordered them. Of course, yours many look differently, but you might get some ideas for your own organization. We have explored how to enable the viewing of attached storage devices on our desktop. Over the years, I have observed that many Mac users are not aware of Finder Preferences.

How to change a USB Icon on a Mac

I'll tell you what I tell them: Information Center - Technical Articles - Whitepapers. How to customize the drive icon on Mac OS X. Details Last Updated: Thursday, March 15, Custom icons for AKiTiO storage drives: Most Read FAQ. Why is my Thunderbolt 3 device not recognized? What is the actual data transfer rate for USB 3.

Information Center - Technical Articles - Whitepapers

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  • Step One: Copy Your Icon File.
  • Step One: Copy Your Icon File.
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  • How to customize the drive icon on Mac OS X | AKiTiO.

Posted November 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I guess you can paste anything over the icon in the "get info" dialog: If you need some dope icons to try the above, check out my personal favorites here: Posted November 27, I know how to change it for just the one machine however. Sign In Sign Up.

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