Dock mac os for windows

My favorite thing is double clicking when the double arrows show. It expands to full screen. Good feature. I also use Breeze, which has a lot more flexibility.

uBar - The Dock replacement for the Mac

I have windows that I want in certain locations, and Breeze will memorize those locations and snap each window to its location at a keystroke. It is cool but it takes so much time to align all windows in appropriate place. Thats why I created a easy AppleScript tool that works as a Alfred workflow to help you with that.

Have a look at the full tool docs: Download workflow from Packal: Dragging to an edge just makes part of the window disappear except for the top edge. Be delicate with the dragging and it will catch. It took me a few times to get used to it, there should be a key command to hold down to make it more obvious in my opinion.

Colour me stupid, I must be doing something wrong…Any comments welcome helpful ones please! I have the same experience, Brian. Using various browsers and applications but not seeing the snap. Once I was able to get a Chrome window to snap to a screen corner. Otherwise, no. Using latest version of Sierra. I have used a tool called Better Snap Tool. It is really great esp.

Window Snapping on Mac: How to Use It

You can easily drag windows around to convenient locations and get full screen, half screen a other sizes. You can also make shortcut keys like Cmd-Option-B for to resize the current window into the bottom half. No more trying to get to the part of the screen that has ended up off screen.

Sounds like Apple is doing something but not quite the productivity-focused one BetterSnapTool. I use it daily. Hate it! It totally breaks the UI paradigm, and drives me nuts. I want it gone. I would settle for preference to turn it off. To call what I just watched in that 22 second video more full featured than Windows 10 window snapping is an insane joke.

Window Previews

I hate hate hate HATE this feature. It drives me up the freaking wall. I like to position windows very near each other but not touching and I constantly have to work against this stupid, useless, moronic feature. Apple really needs to give users the reasonable option to turn this annoying and unwanted feature off.

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I work with multiple monitors and lots of big windows from multiple applications, that now just tend to get stuck to each other every time I try to move them. I realize some people might like it, and that apple wants to enable it by default to show it off. But why oh why is there no way to turn it off?!? I want windows to go where I put them. Why does Apple think they know more about what I want than I do? Please give us a way to turn this off. Ask yourself when you would use a window tiling feature? Probably when you need to compare or reference a second or third on screen visual. At one time it was easy for me to move a window any where I wanted it.

You can download Rocketdock here: Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Rocketdock is such a dock application designed for Windows: Station lets you organize anything you like in a series of nested folders.

As an example, you could have a root-level folder titled Applications that contains expanded folders for categories like Adobe and Games. Station also has the ability to launch all items in a single folder. If you have a set of applications you use for work like Pages, Evernote, Spotify, etc. Adding items to your Station is a case of dragging and dropping everything in place, a potentially time-consuming endeavor.

It's time to take back your screen real estate. Read More. Running processes will not appear in Station; only shortcuts and folders you have created yourself show up.

A warning about the demo version: Station Demo Free with limitations Download: Sick of only having one dock? DockShelf lets you have as many docks as you like, containing whatever you want, in any position on your desktop. While it might sound cramped and impractical, DockShelf actually makes it pretty easy to keep a ton of icons close by. By default, the app creates separate tabbed docks for your desktop, apps, places, notes, downloads, and recent files. Here's how to use them and some great examples to get started with.

DockShelf can even create docks for running processes like a taskbar.