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I've got the gold MacBook Air wallpapers in high-resolution: Where are people getting these when they share them? We just got a new MBA and it doesn't come with them, which seems really odd. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. Pretty darn good.

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Idw currently publishes four Joe titles. Three being part of this revamped universe and one being the continuing original saga by larry Hama which is closing in on I didn't care for the revamp at first. Mainly- because it was a new universe but slowly it grew on me. The arc that started this change in thinking is presented in this volume. Five issues of the cobra title by gage and Costa and proving how scary cobra can really be. Currently- this new universe is better than ever and a great jumping on point. There's g. Joe by van lente. Special missions by chuck Dixon. And the amazing cobra files by Costa.

I'm loving each and every one of them Highly recommended! One person found this helpful. We love this Collection and are trying to get them all as they come out. Chuck Dixon is a talented writer and we enjoy his works. Everything was great! This review essentially applies to all five books currently available in this series.

I bought the books of this series for the main GI Joe title. The art from that title is very good and the story line is a well done, serious retelling of the MASS device story from the original cartoon. Unfortunately, the stories from the other books are sub-par, to say the least. The artwork does not compare to the main title. It comes across as too stylized or artsy. I did not like it personally. Even some of the GI Joe Origin stories have the Joes as a bunch of jerks that are little better than Cobra themselves.

This second volume of G. Joe from IDW continues from the previous volume while weaving in different series and multiple stories.

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We have the story of mainframe, trying to track down and prove cobra's existence, we have chuckles going undercover and we continue the story of Destro and others. We see more from snake eyes and get more hints at his past. We see character relationships grow. But more importantly we are shown origins for characters such as Ripcord and the Baroness and how she went from aristocracy to terrorism. This stories are not the G. Joe cartoons from the 80's or like the Marvel series.

Darker and Edgier might describe them but also more realistic. The Joes are officially on record as all dead, they are fighting terrorists not super villains. Cobra is secretive and the Joes who do know about them don't know how big they are. In fact they don't know much at all about them. If you haven't already seen Emily Kaszton's beautiful pack, be sure to check it out!

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We've squashed a couple of bugs this time around. The order of the Daily Archive wallpapers is slightly out of order with the latest wallpapers after December 31 appearing at the bottom of the pack. This is a known issue that we have a fix for coming in the next update. Sorry about that! For the time being it's better than a big pack of nothing.

Updated UI for all you iPhone X users! Updated lock screen and home screen previews. Pixel quality bump on some wallpaper packs with more packs getting a pixel quality makeover in the next few weeks. The Daily Wallpapers will be receiving a pixel quality bump as well moving forward. The tones should look more tonier. The land should look more landier. The water should look more waterier. The colors should look more colorier. The words should look more made-uppier. Be sure to turn your push notifications on in the app for when we drop new packs and follow us on Instagram at getvellum to get a preview of the Daily Wallpaper.

We're still on probation from Hogwarts. Sorry professor. If you paid to remove ads previously, you automatically have access to the Daily Archive!

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New wallpaper pack from Mextures Collective - Beautiful landscape and macro photos. Your support has been incredible. Be sure to have push notifications turned on for when we drop new packs. And as always, reviews are always appreciated.

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Various bug fixes to make Vellum run the smoothest and butteriest it's ever ran. New wallpaper pack from NFN Labs! Vector illustrations galore! If you haven't seen it yet, we introduced the Daily Wallpaper: A brand spankin' new limited wallpaper every day of the year!