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Where does it apply? Mac OS X Windows.

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How to fix it Click on your platform to show the formatting instructions for your SD card. Connect the SD card to your computer by using an external card reader. Save all the files from your SD card that you want to keep to your computer before moving to step 2. Formatting the SD card deletes all the data off of the card. Connect the SD card adapter to your computer by using an external card reader.

How to Format a USB on a Mac

This means that you won't be able to format or use exFAT card on your computer. In this case, we'd recommend either upgrading your OS to Open Disk Utility. I saved several files to the disk, and open Disk Utility again. And yes I'm here t o use a Windows 10 based HP laptop to format my Lexar drive. If you are on an earlier operating system like Windows 7, XP, etc. The screenshots may look slightly different.

Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

A new window pops up prompting options you need to select before starting. The only thing you have to check is under "File system", make sure you have chosen "exFAT". You may also rename the device drive under "Volume label". Then click the "Start" button to continue.

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You'll see this warning. Once again, make sure you've backed up all important data stored in the drive. Click "OK". Chances are that you may encounter some issues formatting a flash drive on a PC or the disk is malfunctioning. If so, the following articles may be of help to you:. Most of the external hard disks and flash drives are formatted for Microsoft Windows operating systems. That makes using the drive a bit troublesome on Mac machines. Like I said, if you want to use the device for both a PC and Mac, you should consider reformatting it to exFAT once you figure out the drive isn't with another file system.

Hope the above guide is helpful to you. Once again, as a kind warning: Influenced by the startup culture in the Silicon Valley, Jessica loves building things from zero to one and is keen on following news related to the Big Five tech giants and many SaaS startups.

Mine can only be formatted in NTFS. Thank you Jessica for the informative article. The article was easy to read and understand. The screen shots also helped. I sent my mother to your article since she is new to Mac OS.

Guide: Formatting a USB Flash Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

Good job once again, and keep informing us Novices. I have reformatted a Sandisk usb 2. Look for the Disk Utility icon and double click it. From this step on please be careful.

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Doing this will delete all the data on the disk. Step 6: Locate your USB flash drive. Click on USB Disk. Step 7: When you click on USB Disk you will see a few tabs. Click on the Erase tab. Step 8: You will see Format: Select ExFAT. Step 9: You will see Name: Input the name you would like to call it, for example your clients name or your business name.

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You only get 11 characters and spaces count as a character. For this example I will be using my company name abbreviated: Step Your screen should look like the screen example below.

Now if everything looks right click on the Erase button. A confirmation window will pop up. Click on the Erase Button. The formatting process is pretty quick depending on how old your Mac is. Unfortunately there is no confirmation that the computer is done formatting your USB flash drive. When you see this you can close the Disk Utility application. Go to the Window Start Menu, then Computer.

You should see your USB flash drive. On my computer it displays as the G: If you accidently choose the wrong disk you will not be able to recover the data without special software or even a data recovery specialist, which can be extremely expensive.

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  8. Click on the USB Disk once. Then do a right click with your mouse to pull up a menu. Click on Format. You will want to change the File System to: