Sxs card reader for mac pro

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SxS PRO solid state memory USB 3.0 & 2.0 reader/writer

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Design, Graphics and Publishing. Media and Entertainment. Small Business. Either way you look at it, this handy Thunderbolt adapter adds functionality to your computer it is otherwise missing. The Thunderbolt Connection. Fast Interface —10Gbps Thunderbolt technology, 5. Why pay more than the purchase price to extend the warranty period?

Thunderbolt cable sold separately available at the Sonnet Online Store. It is important to note that compatibility under specific OS versions may not be supported; check with the product manufacturer for more information. Under Windows, the ExpressCard must be inserted before plugging in Thunderbolt. When used with this Sonnet driver.

Sony SBAC-US30 SXS Memory Card Reader - USB 3.0

Requires restart. When used with PCIe card compatible with Thunderbolt technology. We were seriously blown away by how well this worked. Product no longer available.

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Requires power connection to a USB 2. Benchmakring the Sonnet Echo ExpressCard Thunderbolt Adapter "Due to [Thunderbolt's] limited adoption thus far — Macs and only a few PCs support it — and its significantly higher cost compared to legacy connection options such as USB and FireWire, one of the areas Thunderbolt has yet to penetrate is memory card readers, a niche market crucial to professional photographers and videographers.

Up until recently, most creative professionals were limited to FireWire and USB based card readers which, while once state of the art, have become a significant bottleneck in most workflows that utilize increasingly large photo and video files. Now, even though there are no dedicated Thunderbolt memory card readers available, Sonnet Technologies has developed a partial solution in the form of its Echo ExpressCard Thunderbolt Adapter…it's by far the fastest option for importing video and images and, until prices come down and dedicated memory card readers arrive, it's the best option for professionals that need speed.

Review: Aukey USB-C SD Card Reader for MacBook Pro

Bring on the New Thunderbolt Devices "I've been excited about the possibilities of Thunderbolt on the MacBook Pro since it was announced almost a year ago. The problem has been the wait to get these new small portable but fast peripherals. In a recent fxguide rc podcast, Jason and Mike commented about the delays in seeing products actually shipping.

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Due to various factors, including a lack of controller chips, Thunderbolt devices have taken a while to materialize. But we're starting to see some cool products come to market that are especially suited to production and post production.

Sonnet launches dual-slot SxS Pro Card Reader — Apple World Today

This allows us to take advantage of the vastly faster Thunderbolt pipeline as compared to FW Have multiple RAID systems in perfect working order, with multiple interfaces on each of them, but lacking Thunderbolt. What should I do?

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  • SF3 Series - SxS Pro Card Reader | Sonnet.
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To round up, I believe the Echo Thunderbolt Adapter is an elegant solution for those who want to use non-Thunderbolt devices on a Thunderbolt equipped iMac or Mac Mini. As long as you're not too rough with the device when a card is inserted, it's a fantastic piece of kit for a low price. Some consider the lack of a second Thunderbolt port to be a disadvantage.

I disagree. Just hook up the device as last in the chain and you'll be fine.