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One of the nice features of Parallels Client is that you can even play sound from other devices and machines you are connected to on your Mac and print remotely. Simply install the Chrome Remote Desktop plugin and you can connect to any other user with Chrome installed on any type of computer or mobile device including iOS. Just enter the ID of the computer you want to connect to, and it will connect instantly.

Note that Google does not record any of your activity using Chrome Remote Desktop — it uses SSL and connections are directly from host to remote session with no Google interference in the middle. Splashtop is another user friendly way to connect to another computer or device. Splashtop is particularly good for gaming needs as it streams 3D graphics, sounds and video across local devices extremely well. The downside is that Splashtop is only really free for local use because for remote access features across the internet, you must purchase in-app upgrades.

You can download Splashtop for Mac here.

RDP Clients for Mac OS X (Alternatives to RDC)

As a professional tool for system administrators to manage Apple devices on a network however, it gives you a lot of power to install software and updates such as Flash and Java, push UNIX commands and update OS X remotely. Because of the explosion in more user friendly remote desktop apps, ARD has become an increasingly unpopular remote desktop solution except amongst IT users. You may also find that despite it being an Apple product, ARD for Mac is also frustratingly slow at times compared to most of the other remote desktop software featured here. No review of remote desktop software on Mac would be complete without looking at Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager for Mac.

Microsoft released the latest version of Remote Desktop 8. It was the first update to the client in two years and previous to that, there was no official Microsoft RDP client on Lion or above. The last version, Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2. With the release of Remote Desktop 8. The release of version 8. The question is, have they improved it or ruined it?

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Remote Desktop 8. Version 8. The connection speed is the most notable improvement on the last version and both full-screen and multi-monitor support were long overdue. The latest version also supports high quality audio and video streaming and connections feature greater NLA quality encryption.

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Microsoft also seems to be putting more effort into updating Remote Desktop on Mac too. More recently for example, it improved the app by allowing you to use Mac keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste. There are some basic features missing from the Mac version however which many users will find frustrating. The Mac version also seems less helpful than the Windows version. You can get Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac 8. As you can see, there is a wide range of Remote Desktop Connection Managers for Mac although this list is by no means exhaustive.

Ericom is officially partnered with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM and pricing is only available by quotation. If you have any suggestions for other remote desktop software for Mac that should be included in this article, or have any experiences or questions with the Mac remote apps reviewed here, let us know in the comments below.

Click here for more info: Thanks for the suggestion Adam. Note to other users: Note that by doing this, you are disabling Gatekeeper in OS X which is designed to protect you from installing software made by developers not endorsed by Apple. You should check out Royal TSX. Hi Felix, Thanks for the tip. The System Requirements says: I see your point although in the general sense that it allows remote desktop access, it is an RDP client. Very good list of tools. You can also check on premise deployment of remote support appliances.

After trying almost all of these on my laptop I want to share that on a retina display everything looks blurry. Except for iTap. Not sure what sort of magic they do but fonts are significantly clearer on it. On a regular laptop non-retina or computer all of the mentioned applications work just fine, but try it on retina and you will see the difference. Thanks for sharing Nikolay. However, Jump Desktop for example does support retina displays but you have to access View and then select Actual Size.

This shrinks the desktop to 1: Thank you for this excellent list! One thing that frustrates me is the dock continually popping-up when I move my cursor down to the start bar to pull up a different app in a full-screen RDP session currently using 2x. I have been very impressed with Remotix for Mac from Nulana: Thanks for the update! The timing is suspicious considering Microsoft have released the new version Remote Desktop for Mac 8.

I think you may have a critical typo in your article. You list Snow Leopard as I believe you mean Actually the sentence you are referring to in the article is about the old Remote Desktop 2. Thx for double checking. Yes, I was commenting about v2….. A Client Hostname allows the client to act like a Windows computer with that name. Would like to hear of any other suggestions, or recommendations. Fabulous review, and thank you very much. It offers a lot more features than any of the mentioned solutions, is free for small environments up to 10 connections and available on multiple platforms, including OS X, Windows, iOS and Android.

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Check it out at: Thanks Scott and glad it helped you in your search for a remote desktop connection for Mac tool. Do any of the other clients? Just an FYI.

How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

Too bad nobody out there is interested in supporting these reliably—us CAC users would be all over this. Jack, Thanks for the update. Try contacting them to see if they are aware of the problem on Yosemite. Here are several references to the issue: Hi I am currently trialing a free copy of Royal TSX using a Mac Mini to connect to 2 different Windows servers one running server running an old version of filemaker which we are upgrading over 6 months and one running server our recent replacement which will take over the filemaker once upgraded.

This seems to get progressively worse over the course of a day. This morning I had a prompt for an upgrade to TSX and went through the install. If you choose to continue you might encounter bugs and crashes.


Are you sure you want to continue? I assume the upgrade would have updated the plugin as well. Ian, Thanks for the feedback. This is not the best place to discuss your issues. For Mac to Mac folks might consider checking out http: Steve, Thanks for this.

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Great, easy tool for Mac to Mac sharing. There is even a Free Edition with a lot of features. Hi David, Thanks. Interesting article with some good tips for useful tools. Works a charm. Hi, We need to find a Mac RDP client that supports both microphone redirection and gateway access to a windows client.

We are using Dragon Naturally Speaking on the Windows client. Can anyone recommend which RDP to try? You can try it for free here: In addition to above, you may try on premise R-HUB remote support servers http: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search Search. Available article translations: Parallels Remote Application Server.

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Symptoms Parallels RDP Client saves connection configuration even after the application is completely reinstalled on Mac. Resolution To resolve this issue one needs to clean up the locations where configuration data is stored. There are 2 ways how-to perform it: Using Terminal: Mac Press Enter 2. Mac folder to Trash. Email subscription for changes to this article. RSS subscription for changes to this article.

14 Best Remote Desktop Software For Mac

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